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Covenant from Hebrew Culture

1 John 5:1 – “Anyone who believes that: Jesus is the Christ, is born of God”
1 John 4:7 – “Beloved, let us love one another – for love is of God; and everyone that loves, is born of God.”

IMAGINE THIS THOUGHT:  When the church worldwide gets back to the point where it has a worldwide reputation for being loving – YOU WONT BE ABLE TO STOP IT! We’re made in the image of God – that’s in love – and we’re made in the image.

ON A POSITIVE NOTE: – We are getting better. 500 or 600 years ago, we were chopping people’s heads off, for disagreeing with us about statues and sanctuaries. We’re getting better, historically! Now we just gossiping

2 Corinthians 5:17-18 – “If any man be in Christ – he is a new creature. The old is gone and the new is come”. For we have been given this ministry of reconciliation – that God is reconciling the world to Himself, through Christ, by choosing not to count men’s sins against them.

Jesus said: “every sin a man commits will be forgiven him”. Matt 12:31

Paul said: “wherever sin abounds, grace abounds more”.  Rom 5:20

If He’s anointed – you’re anointed. If He’s righteous – you’re righteous. That’s why the Bible says: “you’ve been recreated in righteousness and true holiness”.

1 Corinthians 6:17 – “Christ has fused Himself to your spirit”.

So are you born again?  The Bible says that when you get born again – there’s a covenant between you and God.
Lets look at Covenant in the Hebrew culture

In covenant we’ve been given: 1. His coat; 2. His belt; 3. the sign in the palm of the hand; 4. the new start with the figure eight; and 5. We take on their name.

1.  Exchange of Coats

  1. You need to have witnesses to make a covenant.
  2. First we would trade coats. In Australian culture – this is to keep you warm okay. In Hebrew culture – this represents everything you are.
  • Remember when Elijah chose Elisha – he threw his coat on him? In Hebrew culture, to give somebody your mantle meant: I give you everything I am; and you give me everything you are
  • Everything I am I would put on him; and everything he is he would put on me.
  • So when you get born again – you give everything you are to Christ, everything, unrighteousness; every place you’ve never measured up; every insecurities; every depression, every rejection, every rejection.
  • You give that to Christ; and you also give to Christ all of your righteousness, which is His ‘filthy rags’. In heaven, there are two lists on the audit form: sin; and filthy rags. We give Him all of our unrighteousness, and we also give Him all of our righteousness.




  • When a child does something he was proud of… Daddy look! Daddy look! If he’d have done something bad – you couldn’t find him!
    We’re all like that. When we think we do something right –
    Something inside of us thinks Gods impressed; so we’re like daddy look! Daddy look!
  • Your unrighteousness and your righteousness are like the same to God..They both don’t measure up!!

God is not impressed with that. He is impressed with Jesus. You don’t have to create your own righteousness – I’m simply giving you Mine. You don’t have to create your own holiness – I’m giving you Mine. You don’t have to create your own anointing – I’m giving you Mine. You don’t have to live out of your own coat anymore – you can live out of My coat.

God is impressed when He sees the COAT of Jesus on you…

If you witness the coat exchange, then say “I do”.

    Next we would trade belts! In our culture, the belt is a fashion statement – and it’s also meant to hold up the pants – and it’s supposed to match your shoes!

In Hebrew culture – the belt held all of my weapons! So I just put all of my weapons at my disposal on him; and he just put all of his weapons at his disposal on me – in front of everybody. We’re saying:

  • Anybody who comes against us, is not just coming against him – it’s coming against me and him — even if I deserve it!
  • That’s why Jesus said: “no weapon formed against you can prosper”. Any time the devil comes against you – any time anybody comes against you – it’s not just you; it’s you and all of Him.
  • It’s all you’ve got; and all Jesus has and the devil can’t handle it!!!
We would declare that if we break our covenant – “let all the curses come on us”; and if we keep our covenant – “let all the blessings come on us”

 Now we would quote all the blessings and curses from Deuteronomy 28

So if you come against me and he doesn’t show up to help – our covenant is now ‘null and void’ – and he’s heaped curses on his life.

If you witnessed the ‘blessings and curses’ thing say: I do.

  1. NEW START FIGURE EIGHTNext we would kill a lamb. It’s strange to us – but to them it was like talking on a cell phone – it was that common.
  • We would take an animal normally a lamb, place it between us
  • we’d cut it right down the middle
  • One half of the animal will fall on my side, and one half of the animal will fall on his side.
  • Blood now on the ground in the middle of us.
  • Now we would walk in a ‘figure-of-eight. Eight is the number of new beginnings. It says: anything in my life, or his life, before now – is now gone. It’s a brand new life, me and him.WOW
“If any man be in Christ Jesus he’s a new creature; all the old is gone, all the new is come” It’s like Jesus has walked in a figure-eight around His own blood with you and me – and He’s made everything new, fresh start!!

If you witnessed the ‘Killing of the Lamb’ thing say: I do.

  1. Cutting of the Hand
  • Next, I would take a knife – and cut his hand right down the middle; and he would take a knife – cut my hand right down the middle;
  • We would hold hands over the covenant animal – lock elbows; and our blood would mix and mingle with the blood of the animal.
  • WHEN he cuts me down the middle of my hand, and it heals, then a scar will be left.
  • The sign of covenant is a scar in the palm of the hand!


The bible says that when you get saved – Jesus writes His name on your Heart Hebrews 8:10; but He writes your name on His Hand. Isaiah 49:16


·         The sign of covenant was always scar in the palm of the hand!  The cross maybe??


When the accuser comes to Jesus about me, he says: let me at Nathan! No – his name’s written on My hand. Yeah – but do You know what he did! Yes, I do – but his name is written on My hand. I’m in covenant with him – I have to stand with him.

So when the accuser comes to Jesus about you – Jesus tells him to ‘talk to the hand’.

If you witnessed the hand-thing say “I do”.


Next we would trade surnames. So ‘Steven Newman’ would become ‘Stevn Newman-Hay; and I would become Nathan  Hay-Newman.

That gave me Power of Attorney on his name – so now I can write cheques on his bank account; and he can write cheques on mine. I can sell his house; he can sell mine. I could sell his assets; he can sell mine. This was a major act of trust – complete Power of Attorney.

That’s why Jesus said: “Anything you pray in My name…” You have the power to use Jesus’ name – invoke His name.

The stipulation is: “Don’t use His name in vain” – don’t put His name on things that He wouldn’t put His name on. Don’t forge His name.

In covenant we’ve been given: his coat; his belt; the sign in the palm of the hand; the new start with the figure eight in His blood; and we’ve been given his name.

If you witnessed ALL OF THIS say: “I do”.

The last thing we would do is we would feed each other bread. I would take bread from my house; and he would take bread from his house.

I would take a piece of bread from my house; he would take a piece of bread from his house – and I would actually feed it to him – which is a bit feminine too…

This was the imagery: Now my life is not just on him; my weapons are not just around him; my name is not just with him; my mark is not just on him – but my life is actually now in him.

If you witnessed the Bread thing – Say I do
God had a problem. It says: the Old Testament was perfect. It was – God came up with it – and it was perfect. The Old Testament was perfect; but at the end of the day, God – still found fault with man; and here’s the problem with a covenant…

If he breaks his side of the deal – it’s gone; if I break my side of the deal – it’s gone. That’s why they had to renew their covenant all the time. They had to bring an animal and re-sacrifice an animal all the time – because man couldn’t keep their side of the deal – they couldn’t do it!

God said: I’m going to solve that problem. I’m not going to make a covenant with man anymore. I’m going to send My Son – I’m going to put the spirit of My Son in them – and then I’m going to make a covenant with Myself!

Since He could swear by no greater – He swore by Himself. So now your covenant with God is as secure as the spirit within you!



  1. You wear the Coat of Christ, all He is
  2. You have been given all His weapons to protect yourself
  3. He has given you a new start of 8
  4. He has given you His name for authroity
  5. Your name is marked on His hand
  6. And His life is placed within you.


Your job is to: continually respond; continually have faith; continually move into the life that’s provided to you in Jesus Christ!

Covenant from Hebrew Culture


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