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Follow Me and I Will Make You Fishes Of Men

Follow Me And I Will Make You Fishers of Men” (Matt 4:18) – the second command of Christ

QUOTES: Joseph Stowell’s says this “our problem of the modern church is, “We have become quite happy to call ourselves Christians with little or no thought put to following”

Paul Harvey says, “We have drifted away from being fishers of men to being keepers of the aquarium.” 
thinking that it is someone else job to catch the fish!!!


  1. So what does it mean to Follow Me?

The words “follow me” (in the Greek is expressing a command) it simply means “your place is following after me.”
a) to accept this invitation meant, submission to the Rabbi, a change of priorities, to be teachable, you didn’t know where that journey would take you…excitement.
AS A FOLLOWER OF CHRIST TODAY, THIS IS STILL TRUE FOR TODAY…Who thinks you can do it without Him and end up with life together??  Lets never become KNOW IT ALLS!!!  THIS IS CRAZINESS

  1. When Jesus made this statement to the Simon Peter & Andrew, they already had plans for life, they had their own occupation as fishermen, but immediately they dropped everything and followed after Jesus. They left their boats and nets…Why?
  2. In those days, to be chosen by a Rabbi was the highest of honors, everyone in their culture aspired to be a disciple of a Rabbi, a teacher of the Torah. There was only 3 at the time.
    1. Our culture doesn’t share the same honor for becoming a disciple of Jesus
    2. You see when a young boy failed to be chosen from a Rabbi, they were told to go and do that which your father does. They were rejected from the highest call. Then Jesus comes and offers them another shot at it??  Anyone here this morning that can relate to this?
  3. You see to follow Christ is to set aside your own goals and pleasures and to embrace the purpose for which God created you. Those purposes are: to know Him in a personal way and to make disciples of others by teaching them all of the commands of Jesus. All those who truly follow Christ must exchange their affections, goals and priorities for His ones.
  1. I will make you Fishing for Men
    The common image of a fisherman in our day is a man with a fishing rod on a nice sunny day, however, this was not the case when Jesus called his disciples. Here are some observations;


  1. In their day they used nets and fishing with nets meant the possibility of a large catch
  2. Net fishing requires more than one person, the discipleship journey is all about walking together
  3. Scripture also tells us that they got their best catch at night Luke 5:5 toiled all night long
  4. Fish were drawn to light at night, funny enough, they still are today. Remember that light has its greatest impact when it is darkest.
  5. Who knows, that fishing is still hard work, but it is fun, this process is meant to be had with joy!!
    1. No one comes home with a great catch down in the dumps!!! Followers of Jesus should be full of JOY!!

Follow Me and I Will Make You Fishes Of Men