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Today’s Challenge
Live for eternity, don’t just live to go to heaven, live heaven now!

Did you know never ever ever did Jesus say come with me to heaven!  He
said things like; pray thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven,
all power has been given to Me and now I give it to you to GO make
disciples here on earth.

Think about this thought?

Jesus dies and three days later He rises and nowhere anywhere does any
one write and ask Jesus the questions about how was heaven? How was
hell when you busted it open and took the keys?

Yet Jesus never talked about it in any detail, He focused upon the
pressing call of The Father, for the NOW!

The commands of Jesus always had a now application to BUILD with
eternity in mind!

It’s like your Spiritual Superannuation account. What are you
storing up in your heavenly Super account?  That’s why Jesus told us
not to fill this life with things that moth and rust destroy nor do
things in OPEN where you see your return on earth, then your life will
have NO heavenly RETURN. GIVE IN SECRET and your heavenly FATHER will
reward you openly.



Menorah example of the Golden seven candlestick

Isaiah 11, these six spirits of God would come upon His people from,
wisdom, understanding, counsel, power, knowledge and the fear of The

The middle candlestick was the most important, none would light
without this one, it was called the SERVANT candle, a picture of

No matter what anointed spirit (of the six) you operate out of, if it
wasn’t first lit from a servant spirit it was false.  So even though
what you are saying under the anointing might be CORRECT, if it isn’t
in delivered in the spirit of a servant (measured to the messiah) then
it is wrong. You can be right but still wrong!

Live Life with Eternity in Mind


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