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The Power Of Blessings Part 2

By Nathan Hay

This story is all about faith.

Did you know: The size of yours or my vision isn’t intimidating to God. Nothing is too big for our God.

Why does scripture say, “when I come will I find faith on the earth?”  The enemy is set on destroying our faith in God and living righteous big lives for others.


  1. Don’t take what is meant for God!
    1. The Moabites stopped giving to Gods nation 1000 sheep and ram
    2. Render unto Gods what is His…often above 10%, God delights in the sacrifices of His people
  2. Come into agreement with the Prophetic word that God has spoken
    1. Find out before going to battle not after when we need rescuing
    2. This is where your breakthrough comes, where God wants you not where you want to be!
  3. A ditch is a vessel for God to fill
    1. How do you dig a ditch? One shovel at a time, small bites.
    2. How do we win over a community and fulfill the vision? One shovel at a time!!
    3. Faith is also the key, only God could bring that rain, only God can fill the church
    4. The filling up was refreshment to Gods people to complete the task and see victory
    5. A ditch had not been done before, God is requiring us to do new things, new wine, new ways of doing things!!!


  • Only God could send the rain, the rain always brings life,
  • The rain is wasted without a ditch to catch it, God wants you and me to dig the ditches.
  • If you want to see some refreshment in your life, then dig a ditch.
  • Real faith works and believes big, but you must be willing to start small. Believe big. Start small.
  • Put your faith into action by digging some ditches.
  • What big vision do you have that you need God’s help in accomplishing?
  • What small ditches might you need to dig to begin the process of making that vision a reality?

The Power Of Blessings Part 2