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The Power of Intimacy – Psalms 91

Charles Spurgeon quote:
Every child of God looks toward the inner court and the mercy seat, yet all do not dwell in the most Holy place. They run to it at times, and enjoy occasional approaches, but they do not habitually reside in the mysterious presence of God!

Psalms 91

  1. It starts with an invitation to intimacy with God, to come and dwell with Him
  2. The word dwell means; to be enthroned, to be lifted up with Him, that’s grace, not what you deserved!!! But favour of God, that which you don’t deserve, sons and daughters
  3. Shadow – In order for us to walk in someone’s shadow, how close must we walk? Pretty close
    To stay in the shadow you also must be in step with Him, be in His rhythm!! Moving more and more in sync with God!!  You can walk in the shadow of the Almighty!!  WOW!
  4. What’s also interesting about this Psalm is every character of the Hebrew alphabet is mentioned accept one, Zayin which means weapon or warfare, What does this mean? God is positioning us for victory, but He will take care of our enemy when we come into this place of abiding in Him. We don’t have to be in fearful nor fight!! How can your enemy get to your if you are abiding as close to Him as in His shadow?  That would mean the enemy has to deal with God before he gets to us!  The enemy will always run from our God, that’s the perfect place to live.Our warfare is the very presence of God, that surpasses any weapons, “the mountains melts like wax in the presence of God” Psalms 97:5
  5. In the first two verses, 4 names of God are mentionedRemember this: when studying scripture, repetition is always for emphasis!! God is trying to get our attention.
    When God signs His name 4 times, He is intended on us getting the message, He will fulfill His end of the promiseMost High Psalm 91:1 Hebrew – ElyonStrongest of the Strong – Supreme God – surpassing all others – Magnificent and marvelous. Above all other powers and authority. There’s is nothing higher than Him!The name Shadday meansPsalm 91:1-2
    “All Powerful” Omnipotent One, overpowering all opposition, the destroyer of enemies, the remover of mountains, God the self-sufficient One, God the nurturing One of life! The name Shadday is that the Almighty and He can do everything He has promises to do. No man or other power can stop Him accomplishing His will and promises!!

    Yahweh Hebrew – Yahweh or Jehovah God – Psalm 91:1-2
    His name means, “I am who I am” or “I will be who I will be.” There is none like Him, God is the One who is there for His people. God is constant. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He cannot be improved. God is the absolute standard of truth and goodness and beauty. He is our God!! Personal to us, He is Our God to His people!!

    Elohim is “God,” Psalm 91:2
    the Maker of the universe and the Supreme Creator of all life. It emphasizes God’s power and strength which is evident in creating, from nothing, the heavens, the earth and all that is in them.


  6. Verse 3 God will deliver you from the Snare of the fowler (the traps of the enemy)SNARE word means: the hunter, the snare would entangle the preys feet, rendering them no longer free to move!!  The hunter, Esau was a skilled hunter, the hunter skilled at setting traps of his prey!  God hated Esau but loved Issac. Also Nimrod was a skilled hunter, who stood against the Lord.
  7. Verse 3 – He will deliver you from the destroying plague
  8. Verse 5 – You shall not fear the terror by night; nor because of the arrow that flies by day;
    The enemy normally strikes at night when you cannot see him, but God will be your protection when sleeping and when operating the day time.
  9. Verse 7 – A thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; it shall not come near you. 
  10. Verse 8 – Because You, O Jehovah, are My refuge; if You have made the Most High Your dwelling-place,
  11. Verse 9 – because you have said’ no evil shall happen to you, nor shall any plague come near Your dwelling.
    1. Remember repetition is for emphasis, God starts to repeats Him self here again.
  12. Verse 10 – For He shall give His angels charge over You, to keep You in all Your ways.
  13. Verse 13 – You shall tread on the lion and adder; the young lion and the jackal You shall trample underfoot.
    1. These are all words describing the enemy, God will cause the enemies plans to be destroyed. The enemy is like a lion: his deception, he is not a lion, the word says he is like one! We trample him under our feet, in the presence of our God!!
    2. There is only ONE lion…He is Jesus the Lion of the tribe of Judah!!!
  14. Verse 14 – Because he has set his love on Me, therefore I will deliver Him; I will set him on high,
    1. LOVE meaning here: means to intentionally and deeply yearn, to crave with deep desire for Him
    2. because he has known My name. – to represent Jesus, you don’t have to try hard when you hang around a friend, you become like them naturally. You know their words, their sayings, opinions, values and likes and dislikes.. just by spending time with HIM, you become LIKE Him.
    3. When God says depart from me I never knew you, I believe this rebuke is to those who never sought Him out in the secret place
  15. Verse 15-16 – he shall call on Me, and I will answer Him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him, and show him My salvation.
      1. This doesn’t mean we won’t have troubles in life, He promises to be with us in our trouble!
      2. He does say that He will render our enemy useless,
      3. 5 promises of God = Grace – to him that seeks him in that secret place
        1. I will answer him
        2. I will be with him
        3. I will deliver him
        4. I will honor him
        5. I will satisfy him with long life!
      4. The final blessing at the end of life is “I will show him My salvation, Jesus
        1. This means total salvation, we get saved, we are being saved and one day we will be saved! Complete

The Power of Intimacy